Gian Paolo Panini

Arisi F. - Gian Paolo Panini Autore:
Argomento: Pittura
Periodo: Settecento

ISBN: y97829712067
pagine: 146
Illustrazioni: 31 a colori, 60 in bianco e nero
Casa Editrice: Soncino

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Giovanni Paolo Panini or Pannini (17 June 1691 – 21 October 1765) was a painter and architect, who worked in Rome and is mainly known as one of the vedutisti ("view painters"). As a painter, Panini is best known for his vistas of Rome, in which he took a particular interest in the city's antiquities. Among his most famous works are his view of the interior of the Pantheon (on behalf of Francesco Algarotti), and his vedute—paintings of picture galleries containing views of Rome. Most of his works, specially those of ruins, have a fanciful and unreal embellishment characteristic of capriccio themes. In this they resemble the capricci of Marco Ricci. Panini also painted portraits, including one of Pope Benedict XIV.

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