Mascheroni una goccia di splendore

Mascheroni P. - Mascheroni una goccia di splendore Autore:
Argomento: Mobili
Periodo: Contemporaneo

ISBN: Z632a11115168
pagine: 720
Illustrazioni: 700 a colori
Casa Editrice: Mascheroni

prezzo su richiesta - Disponibile

"The craftsman isn’t ever following a single line of instruction. He's making decision as he goes along. For that reason he'll be absorbed and attentive to what he's doing even through he doesn't deliberately contrive this. His motions and machine are in a kind of harmony. He isn’t following any set of written instructions because the nature of the material at hand determines his thoughts and motions, which simultaneously change the nature of the nature of the material at hand. The material and his thoughts are changing together in a progression of changes until his mind’s at rest at the same time the material’s right. Sound like art, the instructor says. Well, it is art, I say.

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