Archivio Storico... Storia Libreria Bocca

Archivio Storico... Storia Libreria Bocca

dal 09 gennaio 2022 al 31 marzo 2022

Libreria Bocca - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 12, 20121 Milano

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Archivio Storico di una Famiglia di Librai Milanesi, Libreria Bocca dal XVIII secolo

Historical Archive of a Milanese Bookseller Family
Bocca bookshop since XVIII century

Getting close to my fifties, more than half spent inside the Bocca bookshop, and with the pandemic, I felt the need to pay a dutiful and concrete homage to the history of this secular business. A history that has its far origin in Asti, in the first half of the 1700s, with the supposed founder Antonio Secondo Bocca.

Missing the intermediate sources, it resumes from the end of that century with the Bocca family’s vicissitudes found in their genealogical tree. It begins with the birth of Giuseppe Bocca Senior (12th April 1789), third son of the printer and publisher family and, since then, carries on well documented until the end of the XIX century, with the birth of the last grandson Giuseppe Bocca Junior, the business’s last manager who holding the family name, who died in 1951. 

The Boccas printed very numerous volumes over the course of two centuries: this volume concentrates on two important editorial collections, salient for the importance of its authors, for the significance of its titles and for the substantial value of its topics. It demonstrates the respected knowledge and the editorial foresight of this extraordinary family. The two collections, PBSM Little Modern Science and BSM Modern Science, have been collected here for the first time in a systematic and complete order. Furthermore, and undoubtedly at least until 1930, they benefit from fascinating front covers designed by the most recognized Italian illustrators.

An additional benefit offered by our archive, which is surely among the most exhaustive on the topic, consists in the representation of a valuable and exclusive catalogue, full of Italian first editions, regarding the editorial period 1898 – 1958.  Giorgio Lodetti



Fratelli Bocca Editori, Storie di oltre 670 Prime Edizioni Italiane...




Archivio Storico di una Famiglia di Librai Milanesi

Libreria Bocca dal XVIII secolo Bocca 

Historical Archive of a Milanese Bookseller Family

Bookshop since XVIII century


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Collane edite da Fratelli Bocca Editori 1898-1958

Piccola Biblioteca di Scienze Moderne -  PBSM

Biblioteca di Scienze Moderne - BSM


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064 Mosca Elementi Scienza Politica 1896 BSM

008 Kautsky Le Dottrine di Carlo Marx 1898 PBSM



Fratelli Bocca Catalogo generale 1954-1955

Estratto dal catalogo generale della Fratelli Bocca 1956



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